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[K12OSN] OT...Advise on POS

This is an off-topic request.  However, I believe alot of you are using only/mostly linux with your 
students but have never seen information about what you are doing with your administrative systems. 
 I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

Our Food Service Supervisor is investigating POS and school cafeteria systems.  Vendors have shown 
her some interesting solutions.  They have included touch-screen POS terminals, central records, 
reporting functions, card swipes, student pictures on screen to correctly identify students, 
recording free and reduced lunch eligibility and cashless transactions.

However, all the vendors to this point have been pushing Windows solutions.  Does anyone know of a 
linux solution I could investigate.

Thanks for your help,

Michael Cortes
Fort LeBoeuf School District
34 East 9th Street
PO Box 810
Waterford PA 16411-0810
Fax1 814.796.3358
Fax2 978-389-1258

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