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[K12OSN] X Server - GDM problems

I have just installed my first K12LTSP and all in all thing went pretty
smoothly. My problem is that if the server is in runlevel 3 (its default
configuration), when I try and boot a terminal (I am using old pc's with
Netgear FA310tx cards and a rom-o-matic boot disk) the xserver starts but I
don't get an actual log in screen. If i jump over to the server and start
gdm, the boot disk leaps to life.

I tried netstat -ap | grep xdmcp (as suggested in the ltsp docs) but the
response comes back blank. It appears that on boot my server ISN'T running

I don't particularly want to have to start the server in runlevel 5

All help appreciated

Chris Gillies
IT Co-ordinator
St Thomas' School, Mareeba AUSTRALIA

?Email??? :- chris lasertronics net

LASERTRONICS - Computers, Copy Shop, Internet

"If you can't be kind,
At least have the decency to be vague."

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