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[K12OSN] Server suggestions

First, a warning: I'm not in any way hardware proficient. I tried to upgrade the hard drive in my desktop and seem to have rendered the CD drive inoperable, so be gentle...

I need a new server. I can spend between $2000 and $2500, but would prefer the former so that I could maybe get two in case one dies. My lab is used
for computer programming classes all day and should support 31 users.

I was thinking maybe about a dual processor AMD motherboard (though if an Intel motherboard or a single processor motherboard would be more cost effective, I'm good with that) and hope to get as much RAM as possible. RAID is an absolute necessity, because I don't want to deal with thinking about back-ups if it's at all possible.

Could someone who's built a server recently suggest parts and give rough prices? Also, any gotchas I should watch for?

I also really don't know where to get stuff from. Suggestions of cheap/dependable places to order from would be most appreciated.

Also, I'll take a good link, if anybody knows of one. I find most sites about building your own PC are remarkably old.


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