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Re: [K12OSN] Server specs

Hi Trond,

Bert here.

My server was specced for 25 to 50 terminals running Win4Lin, approx 30
running concurrently. The idea was to slowly wean people off Windows
onto Linux by about mid - late 2004 (some external factors involved

In that situation dual processors are necessary.

Why not buy a dual processor board, but only one processor? Bump up the
RAM, and put really good drives in?

You don't have any growth projections for terminals. This will influence
your RAM / processor / HDD combination.

You don't mention your HDD/s. As this is also a SAMBA file server you
may find these effect performance more than the CPU speed.

Here's a rule of thumb that I used for the server I setup, from highest
to lowest priority.

HDD - SCSI as many,big and fast as I could afford. These are likely to
be the slowest things in the data bus. Hardware RAID if it is
affordable. I had to plan my file system to spread user data across all
the drives because I couldn't afford hardware RAID.

NIC - as fast as possible taking into consideration my current backbone.
I had planned to use channel bonding to overcome any bottlenecks here,
because we already have spare NICs at the right speed.

RAM - I worked on 50MB per terminal + cache + system + as much as I
could afford after that. 50 terminals @ 50MB requires 2.5 GB. I could
afford 1GB extra which gives a good cache size.

CPUs - As many as possible, as fast as possible. I couldn't afford dual
900's but dual 850's were inside the budget. Most of my users were
running on P133s or less, so even an 850 is a big step up in speed.

As an aside. The current Novell file server for approx 60 Win95 / 98
boxes is a P100 with 2 x 2GB software mirrored SCSI drives. This has two
100mbps UTP NICS. THe main lab has 26  P75s on two hubs running at
10mbps. This is slow, but the server hasn't bottle necked.


On Thu, 2003-01-09 at 23:33, Trond Mæhlum wrote:
> Thanks for all the input. Just a few more questions. I have been 
> shopping around and have found this motherboard: Aopen Mainboard 
> Dual-FCPGA Serverworks CN30LE ATX. I was thinking of putting 1GB of  RAM 
> into it and two PIII 1.0GHz. This solution is expensive. Actually a P4 
> or AMD XP at 2.0GHz would be cheaper. What would be most effective, Dual 
> PIII 1.0GHz or single AMDXP/P4 at 2.0GHz?
> Another question. Let's say I spring for the dual PIII option. Would 
> that mainboard fit into a standard ATX midi/maxi tower? I keep seeing 
> dedicated server-towers (expensive ones). What's the story here? My 
> system will be serving 9 thin clients for now. It will also be a 
> domain-controller for an existing Windows network using samba. For both 
> of these networks, it will be the printserver.
> Trond Mæhlum
> Bert Rolston wrote:
> >Hello Trond,
> >
> >The installation process will detect multiple CPUs.
> >
> >When I installed K12LTSP v2.0 the bootloader gave me two options at
> >startup. 
> >
> >I could use the single CPU or SMP kernel.
> >
> >It's that simple.
> >
> >The server I installed had the following specs.
> >
> >ASUS Dual CPU system board with onboard dual channel U160 SCSI, 10 / 100
> >onboard NIC, serverset chipset (same chipset can be found on some Compaq
> >servers)
> >2 x PIII 850
> >3GB registered RAM
> >3 x 16 GB U160 scsi drives
> >20/40 GB Tandberg SLR tape drive (this was before people started
> >mentioning rsync to large backup drives :(  ) 
> >
> >>From my experience it should happen automagically.
> >
> >Cheers,
> >Bert
> >
> >
> >On Wed, 2003-01-08 at 17:52, Trond Mæhlum wrote:
> >  
> >
> >>I have been adviced to go for dual PIII on my server. Will K12LTSP 
> >>automatically take advantage of the second cpu? Or do I have to do some 
> >>extra tuning for that to work?
> >>
> >>Trond Mæhlum
> >>
> >>
> >>
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