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Re: [K12OSN] Server specs


I haven't seen anyone specifically address your
question about a case. You need PLENTY of air flow to
keep your components, especially the hard drives,
cool. I used to have a couple of servers built in what
was considered a good quality tower workstation case.
No matter what I did, even adding special hard drive
fans, I could not keep things running cool enough. I
suggest you get a good server case with the proper
cooling of all components. You will have a more stable
and longer lasting system.

Something else. I bought a couple of months ago a Dell
1500SC server with a 1.1GHz PIII, 128MB RAM, and two
36GB U160 SCSI hot-swap drives, 10/100/1000 Intel NIC,
floppy, CD, video, KB & mouse, . The MB can handle two
CPUs and up to 4GIG of RAM. I bought the minimum RAM
and CPU and no OS. After a $100 rebate I only paid
$800. I can add 4 more hard drives and more RAM and I
have a great server with proper cooling. It may be
worth going to their site and building a server just
to see what your costs might be. I think they
discontinued the 1500SC line which is why the
discount. The replacement seems to be a 1600SC.

David D. Nelson

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