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Re: [K12OSN] Server suggestions

Nice posts on server specs...My two cents and a question...

Question first : Considering pure I/O speed - - only please comment on IDE with RAID vs. SCSI. Looking for fast fast fast i/o for terminal servers not running SMB or LDAP see below...I want to spend my $ on RAM and bandwidth....

Basically disk i/o, RAM, processor oh yeah that's the way to do it. Ditto on the power supply and heat issues...Also make sure your motherboard has a few 64bit PCI slots...(the longer ones with 3 sections.) I just installed dual SMC 1000gig nics and they need 64 bit slots and although they said they would operate in 32bit mode (a two slot PCI) they don't. (OS = Netware 6)
Make sure that motherboard can take a load of RAM....What ever you do keep your drives cool and powered properly.

Also consider a server farm... check the previous posts on LDAP and stuff.
I am moving the load of LDAP and SMB to other servers that are not the LTSPK12 server. The labs (the workstations and terminal server) are burnable, my important stuff user files, user database, and auth server are in a nice air handled room kept at a pleasant 65 F. Segmenting almost always gives a performance boost, BUT now you have a bunch of servers to manage ;) Love to see more large scale/modular design posts...

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