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Stop reboot at login ... was ... Re: [K12OSN] How to get terminals toboot on 3.0

Hi David,

> Also, while checking this out I logged in and then
> wanted to log out and reboot the terminal. Still used
> to workstation-centric thinking I selected the Restart
> the computer option. This rebooted the server without
> a password required and without being logged in as
> root. This should default to requiring a password to
> reboot from a terminal. Now I just have to find out
> where to change this. I saw it somewhere, in webmin, I
> think but I would rather know what file the setting is
> stored in.  Where do I change the reboot defaults?
In KDE you can fix this by using the system control centre.


You should see the ALLOW SHUTDOWN section 

Console and Remote should be set to prevent normal users from shutting
down the server.

I'm pretty sure the same options exist for Gnome, just don't use where
it is.


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