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Re: [K12OSN] Antivirus For servers?

Hi Dennis,

I was using SOPHOS at the last place I worked.

Sophos is available for MS, Novell, Mac, and severl flavours of *nix
including Linux.

Centralised administration and distribution of updates.

It isn't free, and price wise it is better than some other major AV
software for servers. I'm basing this on New Zealand prices. These don't
equate to US dollars very well.

Here's an example.

These are retail prices.

In the US you can buy a brand new PC for as little as US $300.
The lowest advertised price I have seen here is around NZ $1100.
I could possibly build one for approx NZ $800, but then I'm a little
picky about what hardware I use.


On Fri, 2003-01-10 at 19:59, Dennis Kirkland wrote:
> If this has been covered can someone point me to a time frame to start
> reading? Is there a common consciences on which Antivirus software is best.
> (read cheapest) I am fairly new to the Linux environment have yet to see a
> software package emerge better than another one. Thanks in advance.
> I remain...
> Dennis Kirkland
> Network/Computer Specialist
> Cleveland ISD
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