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Re: [K12OSN] Antivirus For servers?


Have you looked at RAV? They are at
www.ravantivirus.com. I purchased their RAV for linux
mail servers and it has been working just fine. I have
it on a linux box running as my firewall/proxy/content
filter/email scanner. Right now I'm looking at their
client products. The current version has centralized

David D. Nelson
--- Dennis Kirkland <dkirkland cleveland isd esc4 net>
> If this has been covered can someone point me to a
> time frame to start
> reading? Is there a common consciences on which
> Antivirus software is best.
> (read cheapest) I am fairly new to the Linux
> environment have yet to see a
> software package emerge better than another one.
> Thanks in advance.
> I remain...
> Dennis Kirkland
> Network/Computer Specialist
> Cleveland ISD
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