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Re: Stop reboot at login ... was ... Re: [K12OSN] How to get terminals to boot on 3.0

Thank you Bert. I found the login manager and found
that it was already set to everyone allowed to reboot
from the server console and only root from a terminal.
I'm surprised that I had the option to reboot from the
teminal when I wasn't logged as root.

I suppose it isn't anything to worry too much about
since I'm not likely to have the average user logged
in at the server console.

--- Bert Rolston <bert rolston clear net nz> wrote:
> Hi David,
> > Also, while checking this out I logged in and then
> > wanted to log out and reboot the terminal. Still
> used
> > to workstation-centric thinking I selected the
> Restart
> > the computer option. This rebooted the server
> without
> > a password required and without being logged in as
> > root. This should default to requiring a password
> to
> > reboot from a terminal. Now I just have to find
> out
> > where to change this. I saw it somewhere, in
> webmin, I
> > think but I would rather know what file the
> setting is
> > stored in.  Where do I change the reboot defaults?
> > 
> In KDE you can fix this by using the system control
> centre.
> You should see the ALLOW SHUTDOWN section 
> Console and Remote should be set to prevent normal
> users from shutting
> down the server.
> I'm pretty sure the same options exist for Gnome,
> just don't use where
> it is.
> Cheers,
> Bert
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