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[K12OSN] New IceWM packages for testing

I messed around with IceWM this afternoon and I think I have it working well
with Nautilus in K12LTSP 3.0 once again.

To get around the problem of IceWM refusing to close on logout when Nautilus
was running, I set the LogoutCommand to explicily kill nautilus:

  LogoutCommand="pkill -HUP -U $UID -x nautilus && pkill -U $UID -x icewm"

Such a brutal method makes me a little nervous. If there are two people
logged in under the same login name, this will probably knock both of them
off when either one logs out. I don't have two terminals to test this
theory at the momemt. If you use IceWM with shared login ids, you probably
don't want to use this test package.

Anyone know of a way to kill processes attached to just one particular

I also manually set some of the windows options so that the Nautilus
background does not appear as a regular window. 



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