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[K12OSN] Checkinstall Quick Review

FWIW, I mentioned the coolness of the checkinstall project the other day on
this list, and today I did my first install from source with the
checkinstall RPM loaded up on K12LTSP 3.0.

Checkinstall installed without incident on the K12LTSP server, and it
functioned flawlessly on the source code I wanted to implement.  Not that I
compiled a major piece of code or anything, just a small utility.

It gave me the option to package it any way I wanted (I chose RPM).  It
created the RPM (found in the appropriate place /usr/src/redhat/RPMS when
the process completed) and installed it for me in all in one easy step.

Now I can test out new (compile from) source code without any clean up
worries!  YEAH!

My next test will be on a big chunk of source, the lastest binaries of
WineX from the sourceforge CVS tree.  We'll see how that plays out...

James Jensen

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