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RE: [K12OSN] Antivirus

Yes, mcafee linux scanner works great!
Their antivirus sucked for windows, causing instability, and crashes,

But you have to admit...the one for linux is awesome.
Our only problem is that we can't find anywhere to purchase this...even
after calling, and inquiring about it several times.

I have an auto dat file grabber, 
And mcafee also has the "DailyDat", which they use internally.
Since we have started using dailydat, we have had a block rate of about
Which our internal scanners take over from there(linux mcafee is used on
e-mail server scanning all smtp mail)

We use AVG internally, but avg has no linux client.
There are some linux tools on the server end for avg(frisoft.com)
You can create a local mirror of AVG's updates, for instance.

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A colleague pointed me to an antivirus he uses. This may not be the same
one but it's still great. Mcafee has a beta virus engine and it works
great. I will be implementing it on all my systems this week.
http://www.mcafeeb2b.com/beta/engine/Linux.asp check it out. I looked at
open antivirus and clam antivirus. The problem with those virus scanners
in the past has been their poor virus databases. They may have improved
by now but they still won't compare to Mcafee.

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