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Re: [K12OSN] TLan Nic problems

Hi Chris,

They don't work.

It should be possible to disable them correctly in BIOS (earlier
Deskpros won't).

You will need to get the Compaq F10 Diags and setup utility from their
website. Run this from floppy, the Softpaq creates a floppy disk set

You can access the Quick reference guide for that machine from the
Compaq website as well. This will tell you if it is possible to disable
the NIC using jumpers.

I believe the TLAN chipset is made by Texas Instruments, so you may be
able to get some info through that avenue.


On Sun, 2003-01-12 at 23:24, Chris Gillies wrote:
> Has anyone had any luck getting old Compaq Deskpro 4000 working on k12ltsp?
> The nic is a built in chip labeled TLAN TNET 100 (I have also seen it
> identified in other docs as a Netelligent 10/100). I attempted to do a
> network boot on start up, but by tailing var/log/messages I found that it
> didn't appear to even get an IP address (from the messages that appear on
> the Comaq, I am fairly sure that it is using bootp).  I  then went to
> rom-o-matic (have had heaps of success using images from there) but I can't
> seem to identify an appropriate rom image. 
> All help apprecaited.
> Chris Gillies
> IT Co-ordinator
> St Thomas' Primary School
> Mareeba, Qld. Australia
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