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[K12OSN] Deskpro 4000's


The one and only K12LTSP Lab I've set up is using the DP4000 as it's terminals (ten of them). I had help setting it up from a guy from RedHat named Matt Drew. He had lots of experience with Compaqs and told me that the T-Lan chipset simply would not work. We had to disable the ethernet in the BIOS and put in our own PCI ethernet cards. We used ones with a Realtek chipset that worked great. But for the most part, any PCI card with a chipset listed at the rom-o-matic site should work for you.

At that time, it was also easier for us to put in PCI video cards and let the server autodetect the right driver to use rather than make the changes to the config file in order to get the onboard video to work. However, I have read in the K12LTSP list about people getting satisfactory video out of the onboard video cards.

Good luck,
Jimmy Schwankl

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