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[K12OSN] Windows 2000 Active Directory Authentication


I am attempting to setup a K12LTSP that will authenticate users in my Win2K Active Directory, and ultimately map their home directory stored on a Win2K file server.  I have read all the recent postings and the archives regarding this issue and there seems to be a couple different ways to do authentication.

Having successfully setup Mac OSX.2 to authenticate to my AD I thought setting up K12LTSP with OpenLDAP using similar settings as I used for OSX would be easy...  I was mistaken. I don't think I ever really had this close to working.

Having used samba before as a domain controller on a small network and as a member server in an NT domain I thought maybe I could use samba and pam to authenticate to the AD...  I was mistaken. I felt like I was close to having this working, but kept getting errors when I ran any of the 'wbinfo' commands.

I really need this to work to show the power of Linux and terminal servers to my tech committee. I am looking for some advice from somebody with experience in the area.  Currently I am running a Windows 2000 network in Native Mode, and I am requiring authentication for user enumeration. I know very little about LDAP, but I fumbled my way through in the OSX to AD authentication. I know zero about PAM.

I've seen several mentions of Windows Services for Unix in regards to LDAP authentication. Does SFU make this easier?  SFU appears to no longer be a free download from Microsoft so I want to be sure it would help me before I purchase it.

Has anybody written a "complete" howto about this? Something that takes a person through changes to the windows server config, changes to the K12LTSP config, etc from start to finish?  I have been reading so many different posts and documents and have found some good information, but I still feel like I'm chasing my tail. 

Thank you,

Sherm                <><
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