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[K12OSN] Terminal Errors: XDMCP

Greetings All,

We are having some problems with some terminals at our multiple
locations.  Occasionally we have terminals freeze and when the client
restarts we get the following message:

XDMCP Fatal error: Session declined, Maximum number of open sessions
from your host reached.

On some occasions rebooting the terminal after waiting 2 or 3 minutes
solves the problem.  We have encountered several times when restarting
the terminal the problem occurs again and the only way to get the
terminal to reset is to reboot the server.   I have tried starting and
stopping DHCP to no avail.

Any suggestions you can give on how to reset the terminal server-side
connection would be appreciated.  Having to reboot the server every time
this happens is a major inconvenience!

Thanks In Advance,


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