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[K12OSN] server capable ?

I'm new to the list.. My name is Jim Dos, I'm a tech admin at Dunkerton
School. Yesterday we set in place a 3.0 LTSP on a dual 850 P3, 1 gb ram, 10
gb, ide hard disk, dual 100/10 net cards...

we sucessfully had 18 workstations booting from a floppy find the server and
operate property- we thought...

today, 18 students hit the lab and just KILLED the server..it was so slow a
286 would have been faster..

the workstations are gateway, dell, ibm 120, 133, 166's with 32 mb ram,
mostly 3com 3c509b-c nics...

I had high hopes this would make a difference in the stability of the labs
and at no loss of performace....obviously, after today, no one wants linux
at all..

my question,,,is 18 terminals too much for this server..?? processor load
was 23-48 % when the students were pounding on it with mozilla...

oh, the server is on the same hub (3com) as the lab,

the newbie


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