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[K12OSN] rdesktop and Riverdale

Paul (and anyone else that has experience),

I'm trying to put together a proposal for replacing our Apples next year. This next year is the "year in rotation" that staff computers get replaced. For several reasons, the shift from Apple to Wintel is very likely to happen -- but I'd like to make it as "Lintel" as possible...

In order to pitch my thin client, LCD monitor, LTSP idea -- I'll have to have rdesktop working for those few proprietary programs... I read in the case study that you bought terminal server licenses, and use rdesktop on the thin clients...

What is performance like? Login time? Concurrent users vs windows server meltdown? Latency (ie, does it feel like VNC)? If memory serves, you got some mondo server from STRUT for the Windows Terminal server -- is that much required?

Computers are so darn cheap that it's going to be a tough pitch -- but I really would rather be the Tech Director at a linux school serving 1 or 2 big windows machine than serving 70... (plus the hundreds of macs...)

Everyone: Please stay tuned to the months ahead, as I will likely ask for your big guns (presentations, case studies, cost comparisons, TCO breakdowns, etc) promoting linux and opensource. (Yes Rick -- that means you too. ;) Perhaps I/we should start a website repository somewhere with K12Linux promotion stuff...

Thank you,

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