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Re: [K12OSN] rdesktop and Riverdale

On Tuesday 14 January 2003 11:47 pm, Shawn Powers wrote:
> Paul (and anyone else that has experience),
> I'm trying to put together a proposal for replacing our Apples next
> year.  This next year is the "year in rotation" that staff computers get
> replaced.  For several reasons, the shift from Apple to Wintel is very
> likely to happen -- but I'd like to make it as "Lintel" as possible...
> In order to pitch my thin client, LCD monitor, LTSP idea -- I'll have to
> have rdesktop working for those few proprietary programs...  I read in
> the case study that you bought terminal server licenses, and use
> rdesktop on the thin clients...
I administered a 250 seat Nt/2000 domain with two load balanced terminal 
servers for one app. Any W2000 server can be a terminal server. You just 
configure it appropriately and buy terminal server client licenses. If you 
have W2000 pro on the desktop the license is included. Other clients, 
including linux, need a client license( sneaky,huh). Of course, W2000 server 
allows up to 2 simultaneous terminal connections for remote admin. I used 
rdesktop in mandrake to connect from home to my servers thirty miles away. 
When you run it full screen it's just like setting in front of the server.

> What is performance like?  Login time?  Concurrent users vs windows
> server meltdown?  Latency (ie, does it feel like VNC)?  If memory
> serves, you got some mondo server from STRUT for the Windows Terminal
> server -- is that much required?
Size like any terminal server dual cpu is good, gobs of memory is good, too. 
M$ will help you size your hardware. If you do decide to get into M$ terminal 
servers, you'll need a good book Admin911 Windows 2000Terminal server is 

> Computers are so darn cheap that it's going to be a tough pitch -- but I
> really would rather be the Tech Director at a linux school serving 1 or
> 2 big windows machine than serving 70... (plus the hundreds of macs...)

Computers are cheap but cash is tight and licenses (if you go with M$) keep 
going up. In the long run I think open source will save money but many people 
are put off by the learning curve or as was in our case, the main app vendor 
spent a bundle to convert an old cobol program to windows. What used to take 
one NT Server and one Citrix Winframe server will end up being one database 
server, two application servers and two to four terminal servers. That's 
progress for ya!
> Everyone:  Please stay tuned to the months ahead, as I will likely ask
> for your big guns (presentations, case studies, cost comparisons, TCO
> breakdowns, etc) promoting linux and opensource.  (Yes Rick -- that
> means you too. ;)  Perhaps I/we should start a website repository
> somewhere with K12Linux promotion stuff...
> Thank you,
> -Shawn
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