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Re: [K12OSN] Three Network Cards?

M H wrote:

Since I am presently being forced to use hubs on the terminal side of the server, I am attempting to use two 100Mbit/s network cards purely for serving clients, and splitting the terminals in half, using two hubs. The third network card is to be used to connect to the network backbone. I have attempted this on my test machine, but to no avail. I just dont know where to start with the configuration of the extra card, with regards to DHCPD, TFTP and all of the other processes that go on in order to boot a terminal.

If your time is worth $10 / hour, I think you will have paid for your new switch by the time you have made this work. Go buy the switch, and put your time into something useful/valuable.

We are seeing the ol' scsi vs ide thing too - yes, ide is cheaper, but for more than 10 clients - it's much more expensive because it won't actually do the job.

Moral of the story : Sometimes cheap is not cheaper (coz it won't do the job), and fast is not faster (coz you will break it.)

/lecture ends.


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