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Re: [K12OSN] server capable ?

Hi all,

I´ve read on the latest german c´t about RAID-tests. They´re talking
that there is no really necessairy in using an expansiv hardware controler
neither SCSI disks. The price<->speed solution is using software RAID5. Only
for speed using RAID10. This must be done in Linux at all.

There are existing RAID-Howtos on www.linuxdocs.org

Ciao Michael

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On 15.01.03 at 18:15 Rick Gatewood wrote:
>IDE is so tempting and raid solutions from 3ware get good reviews. They
>can't quite match scsi performance. Here is one test that found it takes
>ide raid drives to match one scsi. 
>If the money is available, scsi is still the way to go.

Yes, if there is much more money for the best controler and fast SCSI drives.

Michael van Gemmern
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