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Re: [K12OSN] Three Network Cards?

M H wrote:

Is it really that tricky? I already have the network cards and the hubs. The school just doesn't have the money for a switch dedicated to this task, as we only have a single switch handling the connection of over 15 hubs at the moment operating the entire network at the moment. How can binding the services to another card with a different or even the same IP addressing scheme be so difficult.

It's not. But then you have to modify all the services on that interface too. It might be an easy task and you have it reliable in an hour.. I do hope so..

If I had more experience with this side of linux I would know where to start, all I need is a pointer in the right direction.

Check the K12OSN list achives - this was done very recently. I have never done it.

Anything can be done, but sometimes you will spend days getting it running, and more importantly, reliable. By the time you have done this (unless you are offering your services for no charge) you will have spent that money on wages. So, either way, the cost will be about the same.

regards, Steve

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