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Re: [K12OSN] Choosing Browsers

On 16 Jan 2003, Matt wrote:

> Several users have asked me where they set their "Default browser".   To
> be honest.. I don't know...   Does anyone here know where people can
> specify Konquere or Mozilla.. or something else as their default?  I've
> searched the control panel but can't find any settings there.. and file
> assocciations don't seem to affect this.

hmmm.  As Thoreau said:  "Simplify, simplify".  Some sources 
state the quote as: "Simplify, simplify, simplify", but I 
am sure it was a misprint, and that they have missed the 
spirit of the remark. <grin>

Just last week, I did some testing -- the performance 
and appearance of mozilla over netscape was so markedly 
better, I set it thus:

    rpm -e --nodeps `rpm -qa --qf '${name}\n' | grep netscape`
    # the nodeps needed to retain the 'plugger' package
    cd /usr/bin
    ln -s mozilla netscape

But some might consider that a radical solution.  

The answer is somewhat version dependent on window manager and
version.  Linux-dom is in process hammering out a standard on
this; the recent Red Hat version 8.0 unifies a solution under
both KDE and Gnome -- but I run XFCE, so, dunno.

-- Russ Herrold

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