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Re: [K12OSN] logrotate question

gabriel lopez (hotmail) wrote:

I am new in Linux (6 months) but has been able to install 6 small networks (6 computers each) with K12 LTSP (Redhat 7.3 ltsp 3.0). K12 has made easy to install LTSP but we are dealing with Linux and there are other things to take care of besides instalation. After 4 months LTSP has been working great but we ran out of disk space on one of our installations and we have 20gb harddisk. That is something that we did not expect because we do not have that amount of data. I did discovered that we had a lot of old zipped backups that i erase but also discovered that /var/log was full of mgetty.log.?.?.?.?.? files and most of them size 0. We do comunicate via modem between this 6 instalations so i suppose that each time we use the modem (external ttyS0) a new file is writen.

I had this happen too, and there is almost certainly a bug with mgetty, or maybe with logrotate not handling a set of delinquent log files.

In my case, the problem took the server down.

I has found in Internet that there is Logrotate that well configured should take care of those files (erase them). I also found that it is said to be easy to configure it *but i am not smart enought* to undestand how to do it and man pages do no help.

I suggest their needs to be a fix for mgetty, or logrotate, or perhaps an additional script to clear up scrap logfiles.

How has you handle this problem of /var/log full of files? If Logrotate is the answer, is there a tutorial for not smart people?

Unfortunately, I just deleted the logfiles (many thousands of them) and shut down mgetty. The problem did not return.

If you do not need incoming fax services, then disable mgetty by commenting out the mgetty line in /etc/inittab. Then you must restart init with

# init q

Then clean up any mgetty related log entries remaining in  /var/log/
There will be no need to reboot.

To prevent excess logfiles taking the server down, we can make /var/log/ a seperate mountpoint at partitioning time, and this will stop /var/log/ from taking all the servers' diskspace.

HTH, Steve

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