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[K12OSN] kidproof education-aimed menu program/desktop profiles/etc..

Being in education, I know most of us are familiar with programs, such as
winu, where you set what programs come up on a menu system.  The
users/kids do not see windows underneath, they just see what programs we
want to put on the menu system.  I would love to implement a k12ltsp
rollout for our kindergarten/1st grade, with gcompris, tuxtype, etc...
Has anyone found an opensource program/menu frontend that is similar?

I also have need for something similar to profiles...

Let's say I have a keyboarding lab, that I only wnat to access
openoffice/staroffice, and the typing programs that come with k12ltsp.

I also have another lab at the Jr. High, that would be on the same k12ltsp
server, that I want those students to be able to play wiht mozilla, and
staroffice/openoffice, and maybe a few other different programs...

So, I'd like the desktop for one lab to be one way(group based, so no
matter what students we add to the group, all those students get the same
and the other lab to have a totally seperate desktop, with only the
programs I want to make available.

Anyone have any input into this?
Barry Smoke
District Network Administrator
Bryant Public Schools
Bryant, AR

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