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Re: [K12OSN] server capable ?

thanks Konstantin,
I will stick with what I know. I have always used SCSI but thought I might be missing the boat $$$ wise with RAID IDE - - good advice.

Tom V.

We've tried several IDE RAID solutions and were hugely underimpressed
with all of them. Seek times are still abysmal, and whatever the
marketing departments claim the speeds are, they are probably
consequential reads done on a good day in near-perfect conditions.
Results of our benchmarks were quite different from the speeds the
marketoids are touting.

In real life a terminal system will likely be issuing a lot of random
reads and writes from all over the surface of the disk, so good
sequential read performance means very little. Don't forget that it's
still IDE, too -- the channel is still very limited and easily saturated.
IDEs die far more frequently than SCSIs, too, and since they are not
hot-swappable, you will be seeing amount of downtimes directly
proportional to the number of disks in your array.

I'd say -- this is not the area where you should be trying to save money.

Konstantin ("Icon") Riabitsev
Duke University Physics Sysadmin

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