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Re: [K12OSN] Re-installing Linux (a little OT)

On Thu, 16 Jan 2003, Todd O'Bryan wrote:

>I was backing up my server to my desktop machine, but I ran out of 
>space on my disk. Luckily, my Tech Coordinator had an extra 20GB hard 
>drive lying around, so I thought I'd install it on the desktop machine. 
>Unfortunately, try as I might, I couldn't boot from the Red Hat 
>installation CD or a floppy. (I still don't know why I can't.) So, I 
>popped the hard drive into my server, and installed from the server's 
>CD drive (last night around 6pm after all my students had left).
>Only problem is that the installation is set up for the NICs in my 
>server, not those in my desktop. Kudzu ran, and supposedly fixed stuff, 
>but if I look in the graphical admin tools, it still thinks I have the 
>hardware on the server. Anybody know how to re-run the configuration at 
>the end of the installation? I still can't boot from the CD, but I can 
>read it once I've booted up, so, hopefully, there's a program on there 

Is it the NIC working? It is hard to tell from the info above.

If it is working, don't touch it ;-)

If it is not working, do you happen to know which driver it uses?
If yes, you can just edit /etc/modules.conf by hand.

Alternatively, you can run redhat-config-network, click on the hardware
tab, delete the old entry & add a new one.

I know a couple of tricks to get kudzu to re-detect hardware, but we'll
leave the black-magic as a last-ditch effort...


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