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Re: [K12OSN] Kybd and mse lock at runlevel 5, but not 3

Hi TP,

your discription looks like there is a problem with your mainboard
and vga card (x_server) combination.

On "old" hardware it may be difficult to find the mistake.
On my onboard SiS the solution with my serial mouse was "USE_XFS=Y"
and "X_SERVER=XF86SVGA" instead of "auto". XFree4 has problems with
old vga cards.

Hope that helps.

Otherwise let´s have a look at your "lts.conf".

Ciao Michael

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On 19.01.03 at 11:04 Terrell Prude', Jr. wrote:

>Hello folks,
>I've got two x86 clients, all with AT keyboards and PS/2 mice.  These 
>are PCs that I've turned into thin clients.  Both netboot to runlevel 3 
>and I get keyboard and mouse functionality.  Both also netboot to 
>runlevel 5, and on one of them I get full keyboard and mouse 
>functionality.  On the other one, once X11 starts, the numlock light, 
>which had previously been lit, goes dark, and though I get the K12LTSP 
>login screen, the keyboard and mouse act as if they had been physically 
>unplugged, so Ctrl-Alt-F1 doesn't work to get a CLI login prompt.  I do 
>not believe that the thin client has, for lack of a better word, 
>"crashed", because after X11 starts, then it takes a couple more seconds 
>for the GUI login prompt to show up, and about 3 seconds later, the 
>default background bitmap shows up.  The X11 screen blanker kicks in 
>after a few minutes, too.
>So, I tried changing K12LTSP to start clients in runlevel 3.  For my 
>problem child thin client, this worked nicely; I got to a command prompt 
>and had full keyboard functionality.  Then I typed startx, and the 
>instant X11 came up, I lost my keyboard again.  Had to a hard reboot to 
>recover.  I also noted that when I told K12LTSP to boot clients at 
>runlevel 4, then numlock, scroll lock, and (only on the problem child) 
>capslock would work, but nothing I typed would show up on the screen.
>Here are the hardware configurations of both thin clients.
>The Behaver
>No-name x86 motherboard
>K6-166 CPU
>80MB 72-pin DRAM
>floppy drive
>AT keyboard
>PS/2 mouse
>S3 ViRGE video board (Diamond Stealth 2000 3D, PCI)
>The Problem Child
>Tyan S1590S Trinity X86 motherboard
>K6-2/400 CPU
>floppy drive
>AT keyboard
>PS/2 mouse
>S3 Trio64 (Diamond Stealth64, ye olde warhorse) video board
>I have verified that both keyboards and both mice are good, because they 
>all work fine on The Behaver.  Both keyboards and mice stop working at 
>runlevel 5 on The Problem Child.  I also swapped video boards, so that 
>The Behaver had the Trio64 and The Problem Child had the ViRGE.  The 
>Behaver still behaved, and The Problem Child still lost keyboard and mouse.
>Of course you're wondering, why didn't he simply chalk it up to a bad 
>motherboard?  Because, again, this happens only at runlevel 5 on 
>K12LTSP.  When I do runlevel 3, everything works (no GUI though, of 
>course).  When I boot Slackware Linux (this guy also has a hard disk w/ 
>Slackware 8.1 on it), everything works perfectly.  Heck, I even put 
>Windows 95 on the thing temporarily, just to make doubly sure, and 
>everything worked perfectly.  So I don't believe it's the motherboard at 
>this point.
>Has anyone else run into this or have any idea how to fix it?

Michael van Gemmern
Kadettenweg 6, 12205 Berlin
Fon: 030-8121887, email: Michael vanGemmern de

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