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Re: [K12OSN] icewm

On Mon, 20 Jan 2003, Dan Young wrote:

>Caleb Wagnon said:
>> Well I sent a message out to the list but for some reason I'm not
>> seeing it out here. I upgraded to ltsp 3.0 today and am in the
>> process of switching to icewm to lose some weight. Whenever I try to
>> run iceme I get an error message. I sent that message to the post
>> when I was at work and I can't remember it word for word. It says
>> something about an error with some ice python file (no I can't even
>> remember which one) and it doesn't find a GtkExtra module. I know
>> this is vague but I'd really like to start getting help on this as
>> soon as possible. I'll send my prior message with the error message
>> again tomorrow.
>I think I remember Eric mentioning something about a bug w/ iceme.
>I've been editing the /usr/share/icewm/* files by hand to do global
>menu/desktop customizations. The syntax is fairly straightforward.

Its not a bug w/iceme per se, but it does use the GtkExtra module which
was included in RH73 but is not in RH80.

I've been working on IceWM/IceME today, but so far have not found
a fix for the missing python module.

It does work to use IceME on RH73 and copy the resulting configs over
the the RH80 box. It is also not too tough to edit by hand, as Dan
noted. The relevent files are found in /usr/share/icewm/, "menu" and
"toolbar" are the menu and toolbar configs ;-)


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