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Re: [K12OSN] Server Unable to access SWAP space

vcare wrote:

The application were accessing Swap memory regularly.

they should not be doing this. you need more RAM.

All of a sudden , it gave me Kernel error , after that the Swap area on
the hard-disk is not accessible and when the linux try to get into SWAP
area , the Server Hangs.

How do you know swap is not in use ?

Try `mount` to see if swap is mounted, or `free` and see if swap has numbers next to it, or just a zero.

Jan 20 08:51:33 vcare_oaserver kernel:  <1>Unable to handle kernel
paging request at virtual address 39c44ad3

I pasted this error message into google and got 7000 matches, so I would say it is a generic message suggesting there is a more specific error message elsewhere. Can you grab the 200 or so lines before the "unable to handle..." message at put it on your webserver so we can browse it. Post the URI for this file here, but please do not post 200 lines of logfile to this list.


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