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[K12OSN] BOCHS 2.0.x + K12LTSP 3.0 Revisited

(For some reason my original post hasn't made it to the list, so I'm giving
it another send, with an update as well...)

BOCHS 2.0.1, having recently been released (1/4/03), I thought I would give
it another go on K12LTSP 3.0.  Unfortunately, the RPM is still hollering
for the following library dependencies:

libvgagl.so.1      [installed from a RH 6.2 RPM--OK]
libvga.so.1        [installed from the same RH 6.2 PRM--OK]
libwx_gtk-2.3.so.2 [no RH RPM with this file, AFAIK.  Installed from a
Connectiva RPM but it doesn't BOCHS still doesn't play.]

I believe it's the wx_gtk file that is giving me grief but googling &
searching rpmfind, etc. has brought me no success in getting this thing to
play on RH 8 (K12LTSP 3.0) thus far.

(I tell you what though, BOCHS 2.0.1 runs great on Win32, much faster
compared to 1.4.1!  Hey, anything Win* can do, Linux CAN do better! 
Sometimes it just takes a little effort...)

I tried compiling BOCHS 2.0.1 from source to no avail, it couldn't find
gtk-config and ended during ./configure.  I issued "find |grep gtk-config"
but it's not to be found anywhere on the box AFAIK...

I'll keep searching for a solution.  Please, any help resolving this for
K12LTSP 3.0 (RH 8.0) would be most appreciated.

Thank you,

James Jensen

PS I *was* able to install Mandrake's "Cooker" RPM on my K12LTSP 3.0
set-up, and what do you know?  It worked!  I don't know what the damage is
from doing this (Ideally, I'd really just like to install from source from
the BOCHS site, but at this point I'll take what I can get.)  For the
daring soul, the RPM I used is found at:


So far I have run the following images in BOCHS + K12LTSP 3.0 (images
available from the BOCHS sourceforge download section):

Linux (RedHat Rescue Disk image)

Next big test will be a Win32 install to BOCHS.  That should be
interesting.  There again, I would really like to have BOCHS optimized for
RH 8 before proceeding though...

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