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[K12OSN] How-to: Floppy at every workstation & multiple server setup

Greetings fellow K12LTSP buffs

After spending a couple of hours with searches and database queries and
coming up empty handed, I decided to post my two questions to the list - I
realize the level of sofistication of this list has gone up, but there are
many of us still struggling with basic issues:

1) When a lab of 30 thin clients is purchased with floppy drives, what
system modification/code is needed so that each user can save to his/her
floppy without having to have su priviliges? All users need access.

2) If say three servers are purchased in a Middle School (one for each
grade level), other than IPs, what defaults need to be tweaked to avoid
freezes? Also, how can I direct automagically each user to their right box
at login? I believe a box running Samba might accomplish this, but I am
trying to just use K12LTSP servers by themselves. The idea is to put three
labs in different parts of the school, but allow any user to login into
their assigned server.

Please, if you have worked through this issue and/or have a working lab
with the above, share with the group your experience. I know that once I am
able to configure and run the above I will be answering questions of those
that come after me with the same dumb questions - As a teacher I want to be
there for whoever needs to learn, especially colleagues!

El Paso ISD. TX

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