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RE: [K12OSN] Terminal Errors: XDMCP

We had this problem as well. You have to go into login preferences and
uncheck the enable remote displays box under the xdmcp tab. We've been
using it for the biggest part of a year now and we haven't had those
problems ever since. I passed this tip on to Tait Shrum and Barry Smoke
and I believe it has worked for them as well. If this is the case,
perhaps in future k12ltsp distros we could already have that feature
disabled by default?  

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>>On 14 Jan 2003, Michael De Groat wrote:

>>Greetings All,
>>We are having some problems with some terminals at our multiple
>>locations.  Occasionally we have terminals freeze and when the client
>>restarts we get the following message:
>>XDMCP Fatal error: Session declined, Maximum number of open sessions
>>from your host reached.

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