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[K12OSN] Re: s3 trio 3d ....

Although it might seem 'clever' to have the server
boot to a text login(as opposed to a graphical one) to
save memory on the server I don't think it will allow
clients to receive a login prompt unless some other
configuration is done.  During my first install I
chose text login and (as stated below) my client only
booted as far as the gray X-window(with mouse
pointer). I reinstalled and chose graphical login and
my first client booted up. Yay! I'm sure there is a
way to change whether the server boots to graphical or
text without reinstalling but I didn't easily find
this info.

I am now trying to get some clients with a (Cirrus
Logic) CLGD5465-HC-C integrated chip.  It does not
work with XSERVER = auto as it gives Fatal server
error: No screens found.  I will try some of the
Cirrus settings that have been suggested recently but
any other suggestions would be welcome.

>Hi, this 2mb onboard chip boots as far as an
X-windows background with 
>a working mouse pointer and then goes no further. 
The messages file 
>from the server side says entering run level 5.  My
lts.conf file is 
>unchanged from install with the redhat 7.3 version of
ltsp(I believe it is 

>Any hints or suggestions for further clarification
are most welcome.

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