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Re: [K12OSN] target audience

> Peter Newall wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been evaluating the K12LTSP and have been pleased with the
> solution. It seems the key to getting it adopted is the programs
> available. While email, word processing, surfing the net and art
> packages such as GIMP are just what children need in secondary schools
> there seems a lack of suitable applications for primary age children 5
> to 11 years old.  For K12LTSP to succeed in primary education it needs
> the range of applications to compete against the MS offerings.
> Any opinions or suggestions greatly appreciated.

While I do agree there is a shortage of such applications, there is not
a lack.  The Simple End-User Linux/Edu (SEUL/edu) folks have a large
list of possibilities here:


Some are excellent.  Some are not.  The applications cover the range
from pre-K through post graduate, but the emphasis is on K12.

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