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Re: [K12OSN] target audience

Richard Ingalls wrote:
I agree with Peter Newell on this one! Linux needs something comparable to "Reader Rabbit" and all the "Jump Start" programs for younger students. At this point, I only use LTSP for the older students at my PreK - 8th grade school (which means, I only use it for a "writing lab" for grades 5 - 8).

Well? Then what are you waiting for! Write one! You can't expect people who don't have a need to just go "hey, Linux could really use some K-6 software... how about I just write some?" Besides, most people working on Linux have no idea whatsoever about what makes a successful children's learning game.

If you can't write a game yourself, then how about sending emails to such companies as the one making "Reader Rabbit." As long as they think that nobody has interest in Linux software, they will not create any. If they are convinced that there is market for Linux solutions, they will think twice about releasing the next title for both Windows and Linux.

Overall, writing simple kids' games using SDL on Linux is trivial these days, and they look pretty darn good. SDL is cross-platform, too, so software companies could be easily convinced to switch to cross-platform development, once convinced that it will be beneficial to everyone involved.

Konstantin ("Icon") Riabitsev
Duke University Physics Sysadmin

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