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Re: [K12OSN] Trying to sell K12LTSP at our school

> hardware is really only barely adequate to run Windows XP.  I'll
> In any case, I have a few sort of basic questions.  My understanding
> of thin clients is that our Dell computers should work fine.  Should
> I take the hard drives out since they won't be used or just use them
> instead of boot floppies?  Does the RAM in the client computer
> actually do anything (beyond making the computer CMOS happy)?  Put
> another way, are there RAM requirements for clients?  Do they need
> any RAM at all?  Are there any problems if the client machines have
> different graphics cards (assuming they are at least supported by

Yes, they do need RAM - you are running Linux on them.  I don't know of
any OS that doesn't use RAM :)  However, since it's a stripped-down
version of linux (just enough to run the network and video cards), you
only need 16-32M per machine.  I would remove the hard drives from the
machines and build yourself a nice RAID array, use them for spares, or
sell them.  They will do you no good in the machines themselves.


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