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Re: [K12OSN] Linking Servers?

SHerl86064 aol com wrote:

my school is looking at LTSP as a possible upgrade path for our network. One of the problems we are having is with scaliblity. We need to be able to support 2-3 hundred active users online and any one time. Is this possible? If so how? Is there a way to cluster LTSP? any help you can provide would be a real big help.


It is perfectly feasible, and many such systems are in operation.

Basically, you use a number of Terminal Servers and a simple load-balancing scheme. These Terminal Servers do not carry a local copy of /home - rather they NFS mount /home from an entirely seperate machine (the file-server machine.) The File Server does not act as a Terminal Server.

See the Documentation for more info on this. http://k12linux.org/contents.html

Administration is centralised (mostly) at the file server machine.

2-3 hundred users will require substantial server and network hardware, and great care and some experience in setting it all up.

HTH, Steve

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