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Re: [K12OSN] Trying to sell K12LTSP at our school


Regarding the comment that the local hard drives can just be removed from the clients...I know this is true, but-

A couple of things come to mind. The local drives can be used for running local apps, although I don't know how to yet, and also, the local hds must make a huge difference to server load if local swaps exist..., right?

These are two senarios I'll be asking questions about really soon ;-) I had set up an LTS about a year ago, but I didn't use local hard drives. The 512 meg ram 1.2 athlon server was brought to its knees as soon as 4 screen savers kicked in on 6 clients.

KDE really hit the server hard, too. I plan to run ICE without a screen saver, and to utilize the local 5 gig hard drives for local apps and swap. The new LTS is a dual 966 p3 with 2 gigs ram and ide drives going through gigabit switches using a gigabit nic, for 30 clients. StarOffice6.0 in ICE with mozilla is the plan. I figure that I'll need 4 gigs ram to go to 40 clients.


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