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Re: [K12OSN] Backup Servers?

On 21 Jan 2003, Matt wrote:

>Does anyone know.. is there anyway to put 2 LTS on a network?
>I'm interested in having a backup since a crucial part of our daily
>workings is done on these Linux Terminals and in the event of a hard
>ware failure I'd like to have a roll-back.   Any ideas on this?   I
>assume if I put 2 on the same network they will fight and nasty things
>will happen?

There are a number of different ideas you can find by looking through
the list archives. Here's two different configurations I've setup:

You can do something as simple as having each server hand-out a different
range of IP addresses within the same network block (server 1 uses, server 2 uses, etc) and point the clients
back to the server that won the "dhcp duel".  If a server should go down,
the ones on the dead server can restart their terminal and the server
that is up will respond to the boot request and they'll be back in 

At Riverdale, Paul has the main server setup as the "chooser", it gives
a list of available servers. This gives the user the ability to pick
which server they want to log into, but the disadvantage is that the
chooser is then a single point of failure.


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