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Re: [K12OSN] Linking Servers?

On Wed, 22 Jan 2003 SHerl86064 aol com wrote:

>Could you explain how I would get the servers to load balance correctly?  and what about the user database, is there a way to place all the user names and passwords on a center server?  Thanks for all your help so far has been greatly appreciated.

We have some 10,000 accounts centralized with LDAP. Some use NIS, some NDS,
others use rsync to keep password files synchronized. There are lots of ways
to centralize account management.

As for load-balancing the servers, the most feasible way of doing it is to
have a central file server (for /home) and numerous application servers.
The application servers and the file server need to have the usernames &
passwords synchronized (via LDAP, NIS, NDS, etc).

To really scale, you'll have lay the network out carefully. GigE, at least
between the servers, will help quite a bit. The central file server will
need *really* fast drives.

With a central file server and authentication, any user can log into any
server and have all of the same applications and their files - exactly
the same as if they logged into any of the other application servers.

It is hard work getting all of this setup and designed properly. But 
once you do, it becomes completely trivial to bring new servers online.

I helped Paul Nelson bring the new Riverdale High School online. Since we
had the design down and all of the users in the authentication database,
it only took us THREE HOURS to go from bare metal to fully configured
servers and eighty terminals up and ready for work. At least an hour of
that was me trying to get the colors in the XDM chooser just right ;-)


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