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[K12OSN] (repository) WAS:proposal template help

I am currently writing scripts for our macintosh computers to access our linux document server. We are using Macintosh Manager, and it's been the bane of my existence for several years. Michigan is also facing a scary budgetary cut in school districts, so I am working on ways to cut costs. Obviously, LTSP is a key ingredient. So far I have:

1) Talked or emailed several people in our area (and abroad) that might have old pentium I systems they would donate to our school. If we had PCs rather than macs for all these years, we'd have a bunch, but we dont.

2) Set up 2 small labs with parts I scraped together mainly from my home. (Yeah... I'm a geek, but my wife was happy to part with the "junk") One is a pilot classroom in the 4th grade, and one is just a single workstation in the library that I have piggy-backed onto my personal desktop machine in my office. That's gotten the "bug in people's ear"

3) The macintoshes... I am learning to applescript, and have started some lengthy scripts to allow a mac user to click login, enter name and password, and have documents mounted, and bookmarks copied to local computer. Logging out does the opposite (ie, saves bookmarks and disconnects server) I will use RevRDist ( http://www.purdue.edu/revrdist/ ) to allow a student or staff member to "fix" a computer if it gets messed up -- and plan to use very little or no security on the local computers. I have found that security to secure the local computer generally hinders users more than anything... (yes, just my opinion)

4) The above will allow us to slowly migrate into linux. There are a few gotchas... Our secretaries have MacSchool on their computers, and need windows for some state programs. (Immunization records, and some others) So they might get stuck with 2 machines on their desks for a while.

5) I am trying to do all this in the middle of the school year. Ugh. I think I can scrape enough hardware together to get some decent performance from the macs -- time will tell. I am struggling a bit with a chicken and the egg problem though... Do I install the LDAP server first, and then setup the /home server? Or do I have to have the /home server set up, in order to have something to point users to when I setup the LDAP server... That's not really a question to the list -- just what I'm dealing with right now. :)

Now, back to the subject -- repository. I am going to have a website on our local server documenting all the stuff as I go, publishing applescripts, describing any problems, etc. Right now, I have nothing more than the servername setup http://linux.inland.k12.mi.us -- I'll use geeklog,( http://geeklog.sf.net ) as it looks great and we use it for our district site ( http://www.inland.k12.mi.us ). Perhaps there should be a more "complete" site set up? I plan to include any presentations I make, and articles I use -- but maybe we need a better named site? Who does k12linux.org ? It seems the perfect place to host such a thing... but again, it's not mine to do. Eric or Paul (I assume one of you guys does k12linux.org) -- do you just need someone to put in the time to keep a site updated and running? That said -- perhaps a forum would be visited if set up?

Anyway, just thoughts to throw out to the list. I'm willing to host and or maintain such a site. Feel free to respond on or off list. My contact info should be on the bottom of this email.

Shawn Powers
Technology Director
Inland Lakes Schools
PHN: (231)238-6868
FAX: (509)356-7024

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