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[K12OSN] customising htdig was: proposal template help

Jim Thomas wrote:

Steve Wright wrote:

What if we had an HTML Document or set of docments distributed with
K12LTSP what referenced *all* documentation, presentations, etc, ad nauseum.

Or what if this were rolled into a K12LTSP-proposal-HOWTO? I guess it
would be similar to the linux advocacy HOWTO, except that it would
contain various strategies for getting a K12LTSP green light in a K12

The /problem/ is - locating documents.

We can provide a central 'table of contents' and distribute it, or make sure all docs/etc are indexed by Google.

Hmmm, if we locally install htdig, and add a couple of search entries to it, a very very simple documentation system could be created, but it would index /everything/ and it would not require updating.

Anyone up on customising htdig ? I did it a while back, but I think I broke it more than fixed it.. heh..


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