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[K12OSN] configure Trident Video Card

I have been slowy working on setting up a demo system (using donated computer) in my classroom in hopes to win over the powers that be ..

I have 4 working systems, after some tweaking, but one is just killing me.  I have had to tweak the setting step by step.  Right now I am stuck at the video card.  My other four, I have been able to leave at "auto", but this one returns an error ---

     ERROR: Auto probe of the video card failed !
            You need to specify the proper X server in lts.conf

OK, I know what I need to do, and I know were to put it -- I just do not know what to put.  XSERVER = ??????

The machine in question has a Trident chipset with the following on the chip:
     c. Trident '92

I know from past experience that Trident and Linux do not always get along, but I have always seemed to get something working.  But without using an X setup utitlity, I just don't know what to put for the X server.

Could someone help out with either the correct setting, or at least were I can look to see the different options.

Kevin Squire
Northside Urban Pathways Charter School
Pittsburgh, PA
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