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Re: [K12OSN] Linux at our school

Jeff Pearson wrote:

I am investigating the possibility of a Linux deployment in our small k-8 school. I know almost nothing about the product except what I've been able to learn over the last 2 days. I have a copy of Mandrake 9.0 installed on a machine at home (along with xp Pro) and a copy of Knoppix that I've looked at on my ThinkPad.

Now I see the possibility of the thin client solution on your site. I wonder, is it possible to take a look at this solution w/o building up a specialized machine?

Since you already have mandrake 9 installed, you will be able to install the LTSP RPMs only and boot thin clients off your mandrake box.
This will demo the concept of "booting thin clients" for you. You will have /some/ configuring to do, whereas K12LTSP works out-of-the-box.

Understand though, that a full install of K12LTSP has many pre-configured programs and tools specifically for a school network.

It will be entirely feasible to use Mandrake 9 + LTSP to run your school system, although those in this forum are /mostly/ using the standard K12LTSP which is RedHat based, and some of your technical queries maybe outside of our experience.

HTH, Steve

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