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Re: [K12OSN] Linux at our school

Jeff Pearson wrote:


Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I'm probably too stone headed about this
yet to understand what you mean by "install LTSP RPMs". Sorry. The
vocabulary isn't there yet.

Sorry Jeff, I had assumed you were a Linux person.. woops. 8-)

As Jim suggests, another PC and a clean install will be your easiest option, but as I understand it this was not an easy option for you.

So, could I run the full product off another partition, drive, or other computer to get an idea of what it is? Does this make sense?

Yes. and Yes.

Adding a partition on an existing drive will be fine if you are comfortable doing that. I would not recommend that, due to the possibility of trashing an existing partition. The K12LTSP installer/partitioner is very easy to use and will do what you tell it to, so perhaps you will be safe doing this. 8-/

Another Drive ? Yes. I would *unplug* your existing drive, and plug in a drive of at least 8-10 Gigabytes. You simply cannot break anything doing this.

Other Computer - as Jim observes, this is the easiest way.. boot from CD 1, select LTSP install, ummm, make coffee and watch, reboot, plug in thin client, play with thin client. voila!

There are a few questions near the beginning of the install (nothing particularly technical) and then it works. 8-)

Of course since this is Linux, all and any type type of magick can be wrought from it - once your experience grows.


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