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[K12OSN] Etherboot Intel PRO/110 S

Thanks for the great work you are doing for our children; they deserve it. I am a volunteer at a local school in San Diego and need your help.

Twenty Compaq computers have been donated to our elementary school for the PC lab (K12LTSP). All 20 computers have "Intel PRO/100 S Desktop Adapter" NICs. I am looking for an Etherboot floppy for the NIC.

The chip set appears to be 82550 from the markings on one of the chips on the NIC. I have tried the following Etherboot programs from

ROM-o-matic: for Etherboot version 5.0.8

http://rom-o-matic.org/5.0.8/ .

family          eepro100
# Intel Etherexpress Pro/100
eepro100        0x8086,0x1229   Intel EtherExpressPro100
82559er         0x8086,0x1209   Intel EtherExpressPro100 82559ER
id1029          0x8086,0x1029   Intel EtherExpressPro100 ID1029
id1030          0x8086,0x1030   Intel EtherExpressPro100 InBusiness 10/100
id1031          0x8086,0x1031   Intel Pro/100 VE (LOM)
id1038          0x8086,0x1038   Intel PRO/100 VM Network Connection
82562et         0x8086,0x1039   Intel PRO100 VE 82562ET
id103a          0x8086,0x103a   Intel EtherExpressPro100 InBusiness 10/100
82562etb        0x8086,0x103b   Intel PRO100 VE 82562ET
82562em         0x8086,0x2449   Intel EtherExpressPro100 82562EM

Below is the Etherboot output (from most of the above) displayed on the screen:

ROM segment 0x1634 length 0x400 reloc 0x9400
etherboot 5.08 (GPL) tagged ELF for [EEPRO100]
Boot from ...
Probing ... [EEPRO100] Found Intel Ether Express Pro100 ROM address 0x0000
Searching for server (DHCP) ...

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