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[K12OSN] Re: (repository) WAS:proposal template help

>need windows for some state programs.  (Immunization records,  and
>> some others)  So they might get stuck with 2 machines on their desks
>> for a while.

>Why not use VNC to remote connect to a Mac running MacSchool or use VNC
>to connect to a windows box for the state software?

The problem there is that when VNC connects to a remote windows or mac -- you can only get 1 screen at a time. So I guess I could hide the windows machines in a closet, but I'll still need 1 per secretary. Unless anyone knows how I could use rdesktop on a mac? With a terminal server (windows terminal server) I could have the 3 secretaries share the same windows box -- but I don't know of a way to access the windows terminal server from the mac, which needs to be on their desk...

I suppose I could give them 1 linux box, and they could connect to a windows terminal server via rdesktop, and the macintosh via VNC -- but I think they'd get frustrated using VNC all day, as it tends to get "pokey" sometimes, and they use MacSchool constantly all day long.

Thanks for the suggestion though. :)


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