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[K12OSN] Onboard S3 Trio64V+

If you've configured this card for an LTSP client, how
did you do it?

I'm getting snow-like horiz lines at the top of the
screen when I mouse over icons, and starting up an app
really makes the screen fill up with lines.

I have tried various X_MODE_0 and XSERVER settings
manually in the lts.conf, and I saw an earlier post
about the S3 Trio and installed the XFS86_S3 rpm for
it and that didn't fix it.

I've got W98 on the HD and am using it to fool around
with samba, so I pretty sure the card is okay.

At the moment I don't have any other PCI video cards
to try, so it'd be great if I could get this one to

I'm using the 3.0 release on a Cel 533/128 on the
server and a Dell Dimension P100t/32ram for the

It's all on my home setup, so I don't have students
twiddling their thumbs. :-)


Technology Trainer/Web Guy
Siloam Springs School District
Siloam Springs, AR

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